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US Patent No.11.120.520
About us
G-71 Inc. was founded in 2019 by experts in IT & cybersecurity. G-71 Inc. developed the LeaksID solution to deter data leaks. In 2020, we launched a cloud-based solution, and the Alchemist Accelerator invited our company to participate in their program.
To create a transparent and safe environment for digital communications by protecting documents that contain confidential or sensitive data ahead of time and thereby to instill a culture of safe handling of information.
Our mission
G-71 understands the value of information and helps prevent leaks of confidential documents.

G-71 aims to create a transparent and secure communications environment and to instill a culture of safe information handling.

G-71 solutions aim to ensure that sensitive documents stay confidential.

G-71 solutions exist to deter leaks of sensitive documents.

G-71 helps to investigate the incidents and seek justice for those affected by leaks.

G-71 solutions are made available on special terms and even for free to those who need them most.

G-71 solutions serve the public good and help protect the interests of users.
It is a common stereotype that the main threat to sensitive information comes from third parties. However, the number of insider-related breaches rises every year. It has been shown that 51% of organizations lack sufficient data protection strategies to detect and prevent insider threats.

This is conditioned by the growing technological capabilities of personal computers and smartphones. Over the past few years, the number of screenshots, pictures of the screen, and printouts containing sensitive information that were leaked online have grown significantly. These data breaches happen when documents containing personal data or confidential information are handled by people whom users trust the most.
Why we developed LeaksID
Insider Leaks Channels:
The CEO of G-71 Inc. faced a similar problem a few years ago when working as a top manager in a large company. At the time, there was no solution for this problem on the market. It was then that the idea of creating G-71 Inc. and the LeaksID product was born. LeaksID helps deter people from leaking the most sensitive documents through screenshots, pictures of the screen, printed-out copies, and documents shared via email.

Media about us

G-71 is actively published in mass media sources.
Our Team
Sergey Voynov
Alexander Korznikov
Sergei Timoshenko
Sergey is our visionary, the person behind our principal goals and values. He is the voice of our brand.
Alex is the genius behind the code, leader of the programming team.
Sergey is our creative mind, the driver of marketing and sales processes in our company.
Our Technology
LeaksID uses its patented algorithm (US Patent No.11.120.520) that marks every file in a way that is invisible to the naked eye. The end-user receives a unique copy of the document every time the document is opened, emailed, or printed out.

These marks are impossible to remove. In this manner, every person who works with the document knows that if data breaches occur, whoever is responsible for them will be identified, even if the size of the leaked fragment is extremely small.
Original document
Document modified by our technology
Even if a person makes a hard copy or takes a photo of the document, our technology will find for you who did it.
Our solution will stop all potential leaks, because the system will find and establish identity of the leaker using any part of your document without fail.
Can you find who has leaked your data with just a snap of a document or photo? — We can
LeaksID supports all major file types and easily integrates with Google Drive and OneDrive for business. We provide cloud and on-premise solution
Every time the user sees information on the screen or prints it out, the system's algorithm displays a unique copy with invisible marks.

Unique marking

Visually, the differences between the original and any copy are invisible: there are no watermarks, no visible markers. Users share documents and can read them easily.
You can detect the source of a leak by uploading any part of the document if you uncover it in the public domain or as a hard copy.

User-friendly viewer

Simple leak detection

You can create as many workspaces as you need. Easily organize and share documents. Manage access rules for each person in the workspace.


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Our sales team can answer questions, show you LeaksID in action over a live call or create a custom workflow that fits your needs.
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General inquiries
For general questions, potential partnerships or media inquiries, click to fill out the form below. We will reply as soon as possible.
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