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About us

About us

G-71 Inc., a cybersecurity company based in Mountain View, CA, created the SaaS solution LeaksID to solve a crucial problem enterprises face: leaks and public disclosure of sensitive documents that are compromised via various methods, including photographs.

What is LeaksID?

LeaksID is a cutting-edge ITM technology aimed at safeguarding sensitive documents from insider threats. Its integration features make it a comprehensive solution to manage and deter data and document leaks. The solution can be utilized in a SaaS format or installed on-premises, giving organizations the option to choose the deployment method that aligns with their specific requirements. LeaksID uses a steganographic approach to add unique, undetectable marks to confidential documents, making it an effective deterrent against data breaches.

Why we developed LeaksID

Every year, businesses lose 2 billion dollars from data breaches and every third company in the world experiences insider attacks. Regarding document leaks, in 45% of all incidents, insiders take photos of screens or hard copies. A single insider incident costs enterprises an average of $15M.

All existing data protection solutions protect and control only file distribution. Unfortunately, no document protection solution can stop insiders from taking photos of documents. The most powerful way is to use watermarks, but they are not so difficult to erase and make the document anonymous.

To deter such leaks, we developed LeaksID, the technology that personalizes documents for each user each time they are displayed on a screen or printed out. LeaksID protects documents by invisible labeling using the steganographic method. From one page of text, LeaksID can make 27,000 copies for every person on Earth – that’s 205 trillion unique combinations.

Insider Leaks Channels:

Our mission

To create a transparent and safe environment for digital communications by protecting documents that contain confidential or sensitive data ahead of time and thereby to instill a culture of safe handling of information. G‑71 understands the value of information and helps prevent leaks of confidential documents.

  • G-71 aims to create a transparent and secure communications environment and to instill a culture of safe information handling.
  • G-71 solutions aim to ensure that sensitive documents stay confidential.
  • G-71 solutions exist to deter leaks of sensitive documents.
  • G-71 helps to investigate the incidents and seek justice for those affected by leaks.
  • G-71 solutions are made available on special terms and even for free to those who need them most.
  • G-71 solutions serve the public good and help protect the interests of users.

Media about us

G-71 is actively published in mass media sources.

Our team

Sergey Voynov


Sergey is a serial entrepreneur in the booming cybersecurity industry and the founder of several successful companies. Sergey has been working in IT since 2001. He started as a consultant and project manager, then worked as a top manager of several large and international companies. Among Sergey’s clients are the world’s largest oil, energy and industrial companies, as well as medical and legal companies that work with sensitive information.

Igor Zuykov


Igor is a skilled CTO with 17+ years of experience in software architecture, development, and deployment. 15+ years of experience working on many enterprise and integration projects, including real-time services and distributed systems, and taking part in creating an integration platform for banks and telecom operators. Eager to leverage the business value and benefits of IT solutions for cybersecurity purposes. Strong information technology professional, graduated from The Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Software for Computers and Automation Systems in 2006.

Yulia Demyanchuk


Yulia is a marketer with more than 7 years of experience in marketing management in tech companies (B2B/B2C SaaS & marketplaces), advertising agencies, and the cybersecurity industry. More than 4 years of experience as a Growth Leader and Head of Marketing in several international startups. Graduated from the Peoples’ Friendship University, Institute of World Economics and Business, Master of Advertising Management, 2018. Formed several times the marketing department from scratch. Participant as a member of the core startup team in several acceleration programs and in several international conferences as Emerge, WebSummit, Slush.

Board of Advisors

Brian DiPietro


Brian DiPietro brings over two decades of experience building and leading global teams of scale, centered on relentless execution and risk mitigation. Previously, as the Managing Director Information Security/CISO at JPMorgan Chase with over 16 years of experience, he was responsible for driving all cyber and technology controls initiatives for the Consumer and Commercial businesses, leading all communications with external regulators and internal auditors and interacting with external clients across industry segments on cyber security facts and industry trends. Brian also is the owner of a CISSP certification, International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC2).

Eric Seagren


Eric Seagren brings over 25 years in IT, and as a published author he is well versed in a variety of industries and IT disciplines with multiple publishing credits and technical certifications including CRISC, CISA, CISSP-ISSAP. Eric currently serves as the Chief Information Security Officer at Oceaneering International. Formerly, he was a specialist at Stewart Transaction Solutions and J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., where he managed IT risk for the Central Technology & Operations (CTO) organization by weighing technical risks against the business objectives and educated business stakeholders at various levels. Eric focuses on creating security policies and solutions that respect the business needs and operational requirements of the organization. Eric holds a Bachelor of Science in Business: Information Systems.

Jeff Reich


Jeff Reich brings over 40 years in the security community, and in building and leading high-performance teams by identifying and developing high potential leaders at all levels of an organization. Jeff currently serves as the Co-Founder and Chief Risk Officer at LexAlign and additionally as Senior Information Security Instructor at the Center for Infrastructure Assurance and Security, delivering executive courses that educate National Guard General Officers and minor business executives to support cybersecurity programs and growth. Building successful programs dealing with challenging problems, delivering prevention, recovery, and turnaround solutions to organizations is what Jeff focuses on. In 2015, he was inducted into the ISSA Hall of Fame. Jeff holds CISSP certification from (ISC) 2, CRISC certification from ISACA. Moreover, he was granted a Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management from The Council for Service Management Education and The Information Systems Examination Board.

LeaksID Technology

LeaksID by G-71 Inc. uses the patented algorithm (US Patent No.11.120.520) that marks every file in a way that is invisible to the naked eye. The end-user receives a unique copy of the document every time the document is opened, emailed, or printed out.

These marks are impossible to remove. In this manner, every person who works with the document knows that if data breaches occur, whoever is responsible for them will be identified, even if the size of the leaked fragment is extremely small.

Original document

Document modified by our technology

Our technology has the capability to identify who made a hard copy or took a photo of the document, regardless of the actions taken by the individual.

Deter and Investigate Insider Risks with LeaksID

LeaksID offers flexible deployment options, utilizes a patented algorithm and a steganographic approach to embed unique, undetectable anti-leak marks into confidential documents, effectively deterring data breaches.

Can you find who has leaked your data with just a snap of a document or photo? — We can

Our solution guarantees to deter any possible leaks as it can successfully identify and establish the identity of the leaker using any portion of your document.

We provide cloud and on-premise solution.

Safe storage and sharing of documents

Carry on with your document work as usual, while LeaksID provides discreet protection for them. Easily organize and share documents securely. Manage access rules for each person in the LeaksID workspace.

Unique & invisible anti-leak labels

Every time the user sees information on the screen or prints it out, the system’s algorithm creates a unique copy with invisible marks.

User-friendly interface and transparent integration

Visually, the differences between the original and any copy are invisible: there are no watermarks, no visible markers. Users share documents and can read them easily.

Simple leak detection via the investigation module

You can detect the source of a leak by uploading any part of the compromised document if you uncover it in the public domain or as a hard copy.

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