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G-71 Security offers an effective solution for addressing insider threats, empowering businesses and teams to investigate text data breaches across various business sectors. Regardless of your company’s size, we stand ready to provide tailored solutions to proactively prepare your text data for investigations.

Ensure that your confidential investment materials, documents, contacts, and other assets are pre-protected with G-71’s invisible watermarking technology. When engaging in investment-related exchanges, dispatch marked email attachments. Label not just the documents but also the email content itself, especially when transmitting sensitive contract terms. This labeling system can seamlessly integrate with your data management system, accommodating various project requirements.
G-71 is a secure software solution designed to enhance the confidentiality of document management within the legal sphere. Our cutting-edge invisible labeling technology allows you to mitigate the risk of breaches and establish a more secure work environment for legal matters. Ensure that your confidential legal materials, documents, contacts, and other assets are proactively safeguarded with this innovative technology. When it comes to legal exchanges, utilize marked email attachments to protect your documents and email content, including sensitive contract terms.

G-71 offers robust auditing software that enhances document confidentiality and security. Our cutting-edge invisible labeling technology reduces data breach risks, creating a secure audit environment. Protect sensitive audit materials, reports, contacts, and financial records. Employ marked email attachments for securing audit content, including financial data and compliance reports, fostering a confidential audit process.

In the realm of education, it’s essential to emphasize that G-71’s invisible labeling technology can be applied not only to protect corporate portals containing student data but also to safeguard internal confidential information within educational institutions. Furthermore, G-71’s labeling can extend beyond documents, allowing for the protection of tests as well. For example, it can be used to label each text individually for every student directly on the screen during the test-taking process. In the event that a photo or screenshot of such a test is published, even a small fragment can make it easy to identify the source, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of educational materials.

In the field of media and publishing, it’s worth noting that G-71’s invisible labeling technology can serve multiple purposes. It can be employed not only to protect the authorship of articles but also, for instance, to safeguard privileged content behind paywalls on websites. This technology assists in identifying potential sources of leaks. Additionally, for media and publishing, it can serve as a tool for verifying the authenticity of materials by cross-referencing the labeling, which can be applied to mark original content. This ensures the integrity and credibility of the materials published in this industry.
In the entertainment industry, G-71’s invisible watermarking technology can be used to mark texts for new scripts, presentations featuring announcements of upcoming films or books, and more. Moreover, it can also be instrumental in safeguarding the confidentiality of entertainment materials. For instance, the leak of a script can jeopardize an entire film production process. To ensure the protection of such materials, G-71 allows for labeling even the scripts of actors. In the event of a breach, it’s straightforward to pinpoint the source of the leak, thereby preserving the integrity and secrecy of entertainment-related content.

G-71 introduces robust healthcare software to enhance document confidentiality and security. Our cutting-edge invisible labeling technology minimizes data breach risks, fostering a secure healthcare environment.

Ensure the protection of sensitive documents within medical organizations, during patient interactions, and among healthcare providers, payers, and third-party entities. Marked email attachments facilitate safeguarding healthcare content, from patient records to insurance information and sensitive medical data.

Moreover, G-71’s labeling system can also mark content within medical portals and systems, extending its security measures to protect confidential healthcare information across all channels.

G-71 provides a solution designed specifically for IPOs, enhancing the confidentiality and security of documents throughout the IPO process. Our state-of-the-art invisible labeling technology is instrumental in reducing the risk of data breaches, creating a secure environment for the successful preparation of IPOs.

G-71’s labeling technology seamlessly integrates with platforms specializing in successful IPO preparation. This integration ensures that all documents and materials involved in the process are pre-protected. In the event of a potential breach, it enables quick identification of the responsible party, guaranteeing the utmost security for your IPO preparations.

In the context of finance and bankruptcy, secure access to confidential documents is of paramount importance for exchanges and collaboration. G-71 provides a solution that enables you to label all your critical confidential textual materials at every phase of these processes, affording them an added layer of protection and acting as a deterrent against insider leaks.

Moreover, this invisible watermarking technology can be applied to contacts, agreements, reports, presentations, and sensitive data that may be compromised through methods like screenshots, photographs, or printed copies from internal systems or financial portals. This comprehensive approach ensures the security and integrity of your financial and legal information throughout the entire process.

Within the government sector, the handling of numerous sensitive documents occurs at the highest authority level. Leaks of such confidential information can have severe consequences. G-71 offers a labeling solution for sensitive documents, which can be employed for both internal exchanges and interactions with third parties. This labeling carries a deterrent effect against leaks, and in the event of a breach, it allows for rapid identification of the party responsible for compromising the textual materials. Even if an unauthorized individual takes a photo of the document or copies part of the text and sends it elsewhere, G-71 can swiftly pinpoint the source of the breach, ensuring the utmost security of government information.

The energy sector is characterized by a multitude of transactions and projects involving numerous third parties, along with the extensive handling of sensitive documents. To guarantee secure processes and minimize the risk of insider threats, G-71’s invisible watermarking can aid in enhancing the efficiency and security of information. This technology allows for the marking of various contracts and agreements within the energy sector, whether for internal use or in dealings with third parties and organizations.

For real estate professionals looking to streamline their work, G-71 can prove to be a valuable asset. In this business segment, there can be a plethora of sensitive materials, including drawings, plans, and other documents, even in AutoCAD format, as well as intellectual property and more. By proactively labeling all these textual materials, you can rest assured that, with invisible security markings, it’s easy to identify the source of any leaks within hours. This enhances the security and confidentiality of your real estate-related information.

G-71’s technology significantly bolsters the protection of sensitive documents, technical files, tender documents, and other essential documentation, particularly within the realm of oil and gas development. Through labeling, you can establish a personalized display of textual materials, both for internal employees and on open portals for third parties. Additionally, this labeling can be employed for pre-securing email attachments, addressing various aspects of corporate risk, and enhancing the confidentiality of information in the oil and gas sector

Manufacturing companies frequently manage confidential and proprietary information, including project documentation, plans, and technical documents, which are crucial to their core operations. Unauthorized leaks of such information can compromise their competitiveness and financial well-being. With G-71, these companies can safeguard their sensitive documents and deter leaks. This is achieved by proactively labeling all sensitive textual materials, whether stored internally or shared with third parties through document exchange portals.
In the field of biotechnology and life sciences, employees regularly deal with highly sensitive documents, and even a single leak can result in significant repercussions. To ensure a secure work environment, G-71 provides a solution to label all textual materials, including intellectual property and research developments. This labeling extends to materials that could potentially be compromised, even by individuals with legal access to them, offering an extra layer of protection for your valuable biotech and life science information.


Most frequent questions and answers
Yes, G-71 technology is highly customizable and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of any business. Please don’t hesitate to inquire about any integration using the website form or contact us via email at
Any business that handles sensitive and confidential text data, such as financial reports or corporate contracts, can benefit from using G-71 technology. This includes businesses in industries such as healthcare, finance, e-commerce, and more. G-71 technology is also scalable and can be customized to fit the specific needs of any business, regardless of size or industry.

G-71 is a robust solution employed to deter potential text data leaks, prevent intellectual property or contracts theft, ensure the security of business and M&A transactions, and protect document sharing. Additionally, it aids in the investigative process by assisting in the identification of the source of leaks when necessary.

For quite some time, managing information leaks has presented a persistent challenge. While several solutions have been developed to tackle this issue, none have been effective in preventing insiders from capturing confidential text data with their smartphones. Traditional methods like watermarks, commonly used before the introduction of G-71, can be effortlessly removed and fail to reveal the source of the leak. G-71 introduces a distinctive solution that spans multiple aspects of information security, encompassing Data Leaks Investigation and Data Leak Deterrence, thanks to its innovative invisible watermarking and investigative technology.
Yes, G-71 technology can be integrated with other tools or platforms. G-71 can seamlessly integrate with email servers such as Microsoft Exchange or Google Workspace and with cloud storage systems such as OneDrive or Google Drive. 

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